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Onboarding and integration process overview
This page lays out the steps for onboarding with Transak and integrating in order to let your users start making live transactions.
Your developers can start playing around and building the integration using our staging environment while you go through this process: Setting up a quick demo integration​

Step 1: Create a Partner account

Follow the steps in this quick guide to setup your account:

Step 2: Provide Business information

Please provide some basic information about your business/organisation and your needs so we can ensure we get you set up for success:
Transak Partner Information form

Step 3: Verify your business

To enable your production API key and live transactions, you need to go through our due diligence process by submitting your KYB (Know your Business) form. Please login to your Partner Dashboard account via the below link to complete:
Transak - Crypto delivered to your wallet

Step 4: Integration

Follow our integration guides to integrate Transak into your app, whatever technology you use:

Step 5: Customization

We provide lots of different ways to customize your Transak integration in order to give your users the best experience buying crypto through your app:

Step 6: Testing

We strongly recommend you test your integration, customization setup, and user journey using our staging environment before going live. This will make a big difference to how many users will successfully onboard and buy crypto.

Step 7: Go live for users to start buying crypto

Once the KYB you submitted in step 3 has been reviewed and approved you can enable your users to perform live transactions through your app!
To go live you just need to update your integration from the staging to the production environment. To do this you need to:
  1. 1.
    Replace the staging API key with the production API key
  2. 2.
    Point your integration to the production environment:
    1. 1.
      In a Javascript SDK integration update the environment variable

Step 8: Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support if you have any problems or questions regarding your integration. Reach out to Partner Support any time for help