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Transak API
We offer a multifunctional API for pulling information plus tracking user and order statuses. This page explains the different use cases of the API.
You can find technical API documentation here:
Transak API | Transak Docs
For endpoints that pull non-public information, you need to pass your API secret in the header. You can get your API secret via the Partner dashboard.

Pull coverage data

You can pull the up-to-date list of countries, fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies we support.
This is useful for automatically only showing Transak as an option for relevant users or user selections.

Pull price quote data

You can pull up-to-date quote prices for a given fiat currency, payment method and cryptocurrency.
This is useful for displaying to the user prior to buying as an incentive, or prioritising different on-ramp options.

Verify wallet address

You can check whether a user's wallet address is a valid blockchain address for the selected cryptocurrency.
This is useful when the user enters their wallet address in your own UI before directing them to Transak.

Pull user data for KYC sharing

We offer the feature to rely on Transak's customer due diligence for your KYC. Users will go through onboarding and KYC with Transak and then you can pull the user data and scans of KYC documents for inputting into your own KYC system.
This is useful when you need to perform KYC on users but want to save them having to re-enter information and rescan their ID.
To comply with personal data regulations, this feature is only available when specifically needed and following an additional due diligence process. Please contact partner support if you want to have it enabled.
You need to have passed the partnerCustomerId parameter in order to identify the user.

Pull order data

You can pull data on specific customer orders or pull all orders your users have made.
This is useful for example when you want to provide support to a user query or perform data analysis etc.