Transak Docs
Quick customization of your demo integration
Continuing our quick demo integration guide, now that you've got your staging API key and staging environment URL you can start customizing how Transak will work for your users.
Your API key (apiKey) must be passed for customization parameters to work!
The Transak widget is controlled by passing query parameters, which you can do directly in the URL. You can see all of the customization options available here:

Example customization

To give you a taste of the kind of customization that's possible with the Transak widget we are going to:[insert your staging API key here]&redirectURL=,DAI,USDT&defaultCryptoCurrency=DAI&walletAddress=0x2dd94DC4b658F08E33272e6563dAb1758c10b1de&disableWalletAddressForm=true&exchangeScreenTitle=My%20dApp%20is%20the%20best&isFeeCalculationHidden=true
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