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Request for us to add coverage of a cryptocurrency
We are constantly increasing our cryptocurrency coverage by adding support for additional tokens and blockchains.
We also provide the possibility to request us to list new cryptocurrencies. , following an additional technical and compliance due diligence process.
Cryptocurrency listing offers a way for a project to get their native token listed on our platform for easy fiat on-ramp helping you get mainstream users to your project.


The token listing process depends on where we can get the liquidity for the asset from:
  • Option 1: the required cryptocurrency is listed at a tier 1 centralized exchange (FTX, Binance, Kucoin etc.)
    • You can request for us to list the asset by filling out the due diligence form below.
    • Listing is straight forward as long as it is signed off by our compliance team.
  • Option 2: the required cryptocurrency is not listed at a tier 1 exchange
    • A loan agreement and partner agreement will need to be made – where the project will lend us their asset for liquidity.
    • We need a price feed for the asset from Coingecko.
    • The cost of the token listing via Loan agreement will depend on volume committed. Fees can be paid in USDC or your own token.
Contact [email protected] for more information on either of these options.
You can apply for us to list your cryptocurrency by filling in this form.
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