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Customization options
Transak integrations are flexible to enable you to create the optimal user journey and experience for anyone onboarding and buying cryptocurrency through your app.

Enabling customization

In order to customize a Transak integration you need to pass your API key. You can do this using the parameter apiKey.
You have two API keys for the staging and production environments.
You must complete our onboarding process in order for the production API key to be activated. To do this see Transak Partner onboarding process.
Make sure you use the right API key for the right environment! If your customization options aren't working at all you may be passing the API key incorrectly.

Passing customization parameters

All of the parameters detailed in the pages in this section can be passed to the widget. There is a different way to pass parameters depending on the type of integration you're doing. See below for details on how to do so:
If your integration specifies the widget URL then the parameters must be passed as query parameters. This is the case for Browser redirect integration, Browser embed or IFrame and Mobile SDK integrations:
URL query parameters
If you're using our browser SDK (Angular, React or Vue, JavaScript) then parameters need to be passed as variables:
SDK variables

Types of customization

We've broken down the different ways you can customize the Transak widget. These can all be combined to create the optimal UX for your app users:
For a full list of all of the widget customization parameters click here: